Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Gives Woman N3m During Service

A woman who brought her child for healing at Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Worship and Communion Service went back home with two miracles.

The woman whose child was healed from a blocked right ear by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was also given US$10,000 (over N3million) by the popular pastor. 
The dramatic incident happened in Zimbabwe during his visit to the country. 
Pastor Chris, the founder of Christ Embassy, who was ministering to many who were suffering from several sicknesses, blessed the family with more life and happiness.
 “Woman the lord is going to do a lot of things to your family, you will witness a lot of changes from today. The Lord has asked me to give you US$10,000 and our pastor here, her name is Pastor Ruth, I will send the money across to her and she will give it to you.
“Congratulations to you, that’s more blessings to you,” he said in the middle of his session.

Besides the boy getting his ear healed, there were others healed from Arthritis, HIV, neck injuries, renal failures, spinal injuries and heart diseases, among many others.

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